Author: Johnny Freeman

I Have a Most Unusual Job

It has been weird here to say the least, of course my job is unlike anything that I ever imagined doing back when I was in college. It is not like I thought that I would be a procurer or whatever it is that you call what I do. In theory I am a personal assistant and originally it was a rather ordinary job, but back then the boss had a wife who kept him in line. At any rate now it is a Salt Lake City escort service. He is going to be there for around four or five days, and of course he does not want to be very lonely. I thought that maybe this would be tougher, especially since he usually favors the exotic. It did turn out to be a little more difficult, but because this one girl was not exactly what he was looking for. At least she did not do exactly what he was hoping for her to do. [Continue reading…]

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I Have Been Driving for These Girls

If you went on the web and you searched for these girls I guess you would look for ebony escorts in Las Vegas, and when you found the photos of them you would be very impressed with how attractive they are. Of course they are not exactly escorts in the sense that it seems to me, they seem to make so much money doing bachelor parties that they are not really inclined to do it. One of them is absolutely as smart as you can be when it comes to money. Originally when she hired me I thought she was looking for someone to help her with her real estate investments. She owns a large number of homes and a small apartment complex, although she is taking advantage of the historically low interest rates and technically she has an enormous amount of debt. I can not really complain about the situation I have found myself in, although she has started to tease me about signing an NDA to agree not to sue her for sexual harassment. [Continue reading…]

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