2012 The mercedes-benz sL-class, what car reviews, Now down to two models and a few more months on the market, the Mercedes-Benz SL Class folding-hardtop convertible makes a grand exit, still every bit as lovely and talented as when it made its debut almost a decade ago.

A new SL Class is on the way for the 2013 model year, but in truth the current car is one that could live on a while longer. It’s a stupendous piece of engineering, with timeless looks and performance that ranges from strong to stellar, depending on which V-8 engine is underhood.

2012 The mercedes-benz sL-class specs

It may not be as chic as some of the latest near-exotics, but the SL acquits itself extremely well at the valet stand and on the long and winding road. The SL 550 leaves little room for other pricey roadsters to outgun it; the SL 63 AMG has even more brilliant peaks of acceleration and grip, faster than an Aston Martin Vantage and not far off the mark set by the Porsche 911. (A Nissan GT-R will trounce it, but to be fair, it’ll backhand some sport bikes, too.)

The relaxed side of its personality unfolds in its very well-controlled ride and in its very roomy, tony cabin. The carry-on space gets beaten by a single overhead bin on a Canadair jet, but the SL roadsters never fail for a comfortable driving position or for spread-out space, even with the top up.

Given the choice between the two SLs, we’d always opt for the SL 63 AMG, for its time-warping acceleration and its multi-contour seats and an amazingly tractable ride. But even those who slow things down a little in the SL 550 won’t lack for a big V-8 burble, or for a huge array of standard features. And either way, there’s the simple but brilliant AIRSCARF, which deserves some kind of Nobel of its own. Anything that adds a few days or weeks to summer is an inspiration all its own.

The SL550′s engine remains unchanged, with a 5.5-liter V8 delivering 382 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 391 pound-feet of torque between 2,800 and 4,800 rpm. Although, the latest model enjoys a slight bump in fuel economy to 14 city, 22 highway.
Both the improved fuel economy and quick zero-to-60 time of 5.3 seconds can give some thanks to the seven-speed automatic transmission.

The car’s steering system has been improved to feature a variable rack ratio, which adjusts in line with the steering angle, increasing sharply as soon as this reaches five degrees. All of which means that, compared to a steering system with a constant ratio, the driver
does not have to move the steering wheel as much when cornering.

New lighting technology
A new shape isn’t the only thing the SL’s new headlights have going for them. The units are equipped as standard with powerful bi-xenon bulbs that are purportedly more powerful and more energy-efficient than comparable LED headlamps.

Now available is the Intelligent Light System, featuring five distinct functions, which are automatically selected. They are: country mode, motorway mode, enhanced fog lamps, cornering light function and active light function.

Motorway mode is activated in two stages when the speed exceeds 56 mph, increasing the driver’s range of vision by up to 60 percent. When the active light function is activated, the headlamps pivot to the side in line with the steering angle when the driver enters a bend, allowing them to see around 80 feet further into a long bend. The cornering light function is activated automatically at speeds below 44 mph.

The interior has been improved with better seats, a new-look three-spoke leather steering wheel, and a completely restyled instrument cluster.

2012 The mercedes-benz sL-class price

The mercedes-benz sL-class price is $103,650 – $140,440 and the invoices price is $96,395 – $130,609 the price is with two options, its available in twi trims.