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Affiliate Marketing – De Hol?

Everyone uses finance at some point in their lives when they need capital supplied by another. Often, this term is used for the study of economics and how money is controlled. Private corporations in addition to the public sector use the term when they discuss their business assets. Management of finance has also developed into a specialized branch within the financial sector and is carried out by finance managers.

This type of management uses funds either from internal resources or external and allocates them to areas to maximize profit. The way this works is that managers work to keep the cost of their borrowing low whilst passing this cost on with a an additional percentage to the client enabling a profit to be made. The lives of almost everyone on this planet revolve around finance and when poor management occurs, the effects are seen globally with reductions in production and sales which obviously feed world markets. That is why, a fund managers job is stressful as they must be careful where they allocate their funds and the potential risk involved thereafter.

The well known management expert Lee Iacocca said of finance managers that they only see the cost of the investment and not the possible return. The big difference between finance managers and sales managers is the direction they are facing; a sales manager is looking forward, towards the future. Many small business owners forget that the business loan they have arranged is not for personal use; a distinction which gets blurred regularly. When money is lent under these circumstances, lenders feel quite aggrieved as they have lost control of where the money is being invested.

By stopping business borrowing this way it is hoped they will start to see the importance of maintaining good practices which should help with investment later on. The problem is that many small businesses do not always source the best finance deal like trying their bank or alternatives like family or relations. The simple trick is for finance managers to arrange loans using outside lenders thereby protecting their own assets whilst maximizing their own profit simultaneously. It is a well know fact that by the very virtue of the fact you require money, banks see you as a risk.

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Why Not Start An Online Booming Business

If you are tired of living by the rules imposed by the company you work for then you may have already started thinking about making money online. There is no ‘quick fix’ answer to the profitable method either because we all have different skills and what will work well for one person might be a complete disaster for another. So, the first thing you need to assess is where your abilities lie and because there are so many ways of earning a living online on the two most important (I believe) are mentioned in this article There is never a need to overcomplicate the process when all you are doing is providing a service whereby people come to your site (for example) that need something which you can supply.

Affiliates are regular individuals who have signed up as commission only salespeople to companies providing goods or services; this is one of the easiest ways to start making money online. Obviously the greatest benefit for affiliates here is that they do not own the company or have any of the pressure of running it and only have to think about sales. Once the affiliate has located a good company that intends to be around and continue with the program, it is easier to build up a relationship with them that profits both parties. The percentage of the revenue given to an affiliate can be anywhere from a few percent (avoid these unless turnover is high) up to as much as 75 percent. Of course the greatest benefit for an affiliate to make money online is there is no need to own a product or keep any stocks so it is capital free.

Another good example of making money online is using Google’s Adsense program where Google adverts are placed on a site relevant to the content. A person opens an account with Google and whenever someone clicks on an advertising link they have supplied, you get a very small percentage of the amount the click is worth. This particular system requires a very busy website or number of websites to get enough clicks to pay a decent income. A small warning is worthwhile at this point as Google is very strict and will stop payment to anyone who breaches their terms and conditions so check them on a regular basis.

Any one may become partner with Google’s Adsense program to work towards a common goal but Google has a whole list of terms and conditions that must be adhered to. There are many reasons why people desire to make money online; it maybe for earning extra income or just to making a living from working at home. To be successful requires your site to have people visit them and buy something buy just how do you get people to your site in the first place; well the best thing you can do is do some research on the subject. While there are many places to learn this information, you would be wise to join because of the wealth of information and experience that other people are willing to share. Making money online does not require a product, service, computer or any computing skills although it is obviously easier if you have a few of these skills.

Ima. Boomer. Just experience at being a boomer, and enjoying it. I put down a few of my thoughts on anything that affects the Baby Boomers at Its a collection of articles and product reviews to help out as required.

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Nikki Beach Music Launches The Web’s First Premier Music Social Network

MIAMI, USA, March 13, 2009 — Nikki Beach, known globally for amazing parties, music and entertainment, announced the launch of its new music social network, Nikki Beach Music ( With the launch of Nikki Beach Music, Nikki Beach has created the web’s premier music destination, offering the most exclusive music, entertainment news, music events, best dance parties, DJs, producers and top music downloads. The site will provide the members a gold mine of musical discoveries and an opportunity to explore new sound and visual experiences.

The new site will be the central place for music fans and will deliver music and music-related content from a different lineup of Producers and DJ’s who will be playing only the newest compositions, straight from the studio and into your hearts. The site will provide music lovers an opportunity to experience the original music straight from its inception.

“Nikki Beach is known for amazing parties, music and entertainment; so we have redesigned our Music Company to become a premier platform for people that love music, music events, dance parties and a place to download amazing music for our jet set customers.,” said Mike Penrod, Nikki Beach partner and founder of

Nikki Beach Music is also incorporating productions studios in a few of their locations so top artist from around the world can produce music with Nikki Beach Music and then tour within the Nikki Beach properties and premiere events worldwide.

As an incentive for the new members becoming a part of this premier music social network, Nikki Beach Music is giving away the newest CD download as a gift for all online members. This promotion is valid till March 22, 2009, so join now and avail this exclusive offer. Members of the will also get VIP passes to the Winter Music Conference and meet the stars and have access to the VIP area.

The Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach is set to kick off with a music launch party on Wednesday March 25th.

What: Winter Music Conference

When: Wednesday March 25th

Where: One Ocean Drive, Miami, Florida 33139 USA

RSPV: for VIP entrance

For more information about the event, please visit

About Nikki Beach

Winning the #1 spot in Travel Channel’s “World’s Sexiest Beach Bars” and notably quoted as “The Sexiest Place On Earth” by the London Observer, Nikki Beach has earned an undisputed reputation as the ultimate beach club concept bringing dining, fashion, music and entertainment together. Find a unique blend of beauties from all parts of the globe sharing an afternoon champagne spray or an energy-filled night complimented by endless music spun by world renowned DJs, signature cocktails and eye-catching entertainment.

The Nikki Beach concept has transcended its international venues and grown into a global lifestyle company, complete with a clothing line, Endless Summers byNikki Beach—which will be launched at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival—Marketing and Public Relations Divisions, Global Sponsorships and Special Events, a music division, Nikki Beach Music, with a newly opened recording studio, a VIP Membership card and concierge program, boutique hotels & resorts and a seasonal publication, Nikki Style, covering everything jet set from fashion to travel, music and art.

The Nikki Beach lifestyle can now be experienced in eleven cities, in eight different countries with more locations to come in the near future: Miami Beach, Florida, USA; Hollywood, Florida, USA; Reno, Nevada, USA; St.Tropez, France; St. Barth, French West Indies; Marbella, Spain; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Marrakech, Morocco; Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands; New York City, New York, USA; Koh Samui, Thailand.

For more information on Nikki Beach, please visit

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Tips For Making Iced Roses For Cakes

If you are not accustomed to working with fondant icing or have not made roses before then make sure you buy enough fondant for several attempts- practise makes perfect.*

Method 1

These instructions once perfected will give you perfect roses commonly used on wedding cakes; this method is tricky and it is recommended you practise making the roses before the day of preparation.

Break off a small piece of the fondant and roll it until you roughly have a 1” diameter ball. Shape the ball into a cone by pinching one side of it; ideally you want the cone to be 1.5” tall.

To make a petal roll a ball of fondant roughly a quarter of the size of the previous, do not worry too much about size, if in a later stage you are finding that the sizes of the petals are too small then start again.

Once you have your ball we want to flatten it to form a petal; use your thumb and press down on the ball. You want to create a circle that is 2” in diameter, it is important that the petal is about ¼” thick on the bottom and thin on the top.
*For a more realistic look ensure that the petal tips are paper thin.

Having created the first petal, apply to the base of the cone, carefully wrapping it around finishing with a furl at the top to create a bud.

It is best to start by applying the thick side of the petal to the base of the cone then carefully wrap the thin ‘petal’ around- slightly bending it over itself to create a bloom effect.

Do the same with the three remaining petals; applying them from the bottom bud and delicately shaping the thin top to replicate a rose’s petal as it unfurls from the bud.

Make five more petals, this time slightly larger than the originals but ensure you still keep the tips as thin as possible. Apply these final petals lower down on the base than the previous petals, spread the petals evenly round the base layering them up and curling the edges back a slight bit more to create more bloom.

Continue layering the petals on until you are satisfied with the fullness of the rose.

Method 2
Here is an even simplified method for creating a less detailed rose, although in my opinion it is a more modern look. This method will give you a rose that if kept pure white with perhaps a small silver sugar ball placed on top of the bud will be suitable for wedding cakes; however, if used with bright colouring they will be perfect for birthday cakes. This method is easy to change and I recommend experimenting to create variations on the basic rose.
The method is as follows.
Roll out your coloured fondant icing till it is 1.5cm in thickness, 15cm in width and 20cm in length. Arrange the rolled out icing in front of you so that the 20cm length is the side closest to you.
Take the top of the fondant rectangle, pull it towards you and fold it on top of itself to create a smaller layered piece of fondant that is 3cm thick and 7.5cm wide. Do not flatten or squeeze the two layers together at all, try to leave a small cavity of air/space in the fold to create volume in your petals.
Cut off 1cm of length from each end of the rectangle.
Take one of the short ends of your rectangle and begin to roll it up like a swiss roll; however you do not want the rose to look like a log so to create a bud pinch the base end as you continue to roll the fondant length around itself. This should create a basic rose shape. Once you have wrapped the rose to its desired width and fullness pinch the base of the rose that you have been holding on to giving the rose a more cone shape. After cutting off any excess icing carefully push back and separate the layers to give the flower more shape. To finish cut little leave shapes out of green icing and stick to the underside of the rose.
If you want to create the side of your iced cake make several of these flowers and link them by the green leaves creating a rose chain around your cake.
To completely change the finished look of the rose cut the folded over icing and pinch to create a two layers of thin petals; once rolled splay the thin layers out to create a carnation style flower.

Method 3
Here is a third method for creating flowers, this time small buds, that when made in quantity can be used to create a bouquet effect or simply used to decorate cupcakes by themselves.
Take a small ball of fondant around 2cm in size and roll it into a 0.5cm thick sausage shape.
Take a small rolling pin and roll out the icing until it is of really thin consistency.
Using your fingers apply pressure and pull the icing at one side so that this side becomes thinner than the other, further thin it out by using a cocktail stick as a rolling pin.
Carefully roll up the length of the icing like a Swiss roll.
Take the little icing roll which should be around 1-2cm diameter and smooth the edge in the outer layer with the aid of the cocktail stick.
Pinch the roll 3-4cm from the ‘bloom’ to get rid off the unused icing and to encourage the outer layers of the roll to splay out.
Very gently with your index finger separate and furl back the layers of the roll to create the effect of petals. It may be useful to use your cocktail stick or a tissue covered cocktail stick (to protect the shape of the icing) to slightly separate the layers of the roll and shape them backwards to create the effect of a bloom.
Take catering scissors (ordinary sharp scissor will also do) and cut the roll so that it is only 1.5-2cm of the bloom is left. This leaves a small flower that when produced in bright colours look brilliant on top of iced cupcakes and birthday cakes; turning a celebration cake into something special!

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Investing In Brownfields

With the current concerns for climate change every effort is upon conserving energy, minimising our carbon footprint and increasing sustainability.

Although there is a great demand for affordable housing there is an underlying conflict with using Greenfield sites. Establishing new roads and transport links in itself is adding to the already increasing carbon footprint, not to mention the ongoing encroachment onto our Greenbelt.

For eco-friendly land investment the solution is to develop on Brownfield sites. Brownfield sites are land previously used and developed for commercial purposes, often situated close to residential and industrial areas. The main concern for development of Brownfield site is that the land is often contaminated having lain idle for a period of time and there can be high concentration of waste or pollution leading. This factor often deters many investing Brownfield’s; the cost to clean the site to a safe standard can often cost more than the land will be worth after redevelopment. Further to this when left barren and unused Brownfield’s can attract much wildlife; the development of the land would destroy their habitat, although the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency is recommending that sustainable urban drainage systems can in fact maintain and enhance biodiversity.

Although there are several disadvantages to developing Brownfield’s investors should not be deterred; with the Government aiming to have 60% of developments done on already developed land it seems a wiser choice to invest in post-developed land rather than undeveloped. Through the help of the Government and the Environmental Agency developers are receiving adequate help and advice on how best to develop sites, and the current redevelopment of the Ravenscraig Steelworks into 3,500 homes is evidence that Brownfield development is most definitely on the land developers’ radar.

The development of Brownfield sites not only encourages urban regeneration it plays a part in the battle against climate change; it eliminates the need to build new road networks and establish transportation links in the country and encourages people to live in the city rather than forcing people to live far from their work requiring them to commute. Through the use of high rise building city planners can accommodate increasing city populations by building up rather than out; encouraging people to live in the city centre where public transport is readily available thus reducing the overall carbon footprint.

So although Brownfield sites do come with many downfalls there is still great room for profit as developers will be keen to take advantage of the many regeneration initiatives occurring in our major cities.

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Country Guitar Lessons – Lessons On Dvd – Its Advantages

Earlier learning to play the guitar meant taking expensive private lessons once or twice a week or teaching yourself the harder way by reading a guitar book. However, today the things have changed for the good, and it has now become quite easy to learn how to play guitar.

Of course, there are still many private teachers and guitar books around that will help you learn how to play guitar, but nothing comes close to learning guitar from watching instructional videos on a DVD.

The advantages of learning guitar by watching a DVD are many. It is cost effective, you don’t have to adhere to a schedule every week, and honestly you will learn even faster.

Cost Effective

Typical guitar instructor charges approximately $30 per lesson. Most of the pupils will take on average a lesson each week of a year. The total cost comes to $1560 per year.

That is too much when you compare it with the price of DVD course. A good a DVD course for learning guitar will just cost you about $200. The course will provide a beginner enough lessons for a year or two with access to online support.

Though the upfront cost of DVD course may seem more, if you compare it with yearly cost of private lessons, you will instantly realize that private lessons cost at least seven times more.


Time is another factor that you have to consider when taking private lessons for learning guitar. If you have plenty of time and don’t have to work a job, or go shopping for groceries, or watch the kids, then going for a private session once a week is not a big deal for you.

However, if you have to fulfill certain responsibilities like taking care of your family or work then it could be quite difficult for you to stick to the schedule, and you may end up missing few lessons here and there.

When you choose to learn guitar by purchasing Country Guitar Lessons on DVD you don’t really have to follow a time schedule. You can learn at your own convenience, and whenever you have the time.

The best thing is you can easily refer to any of the lessons if you forget a specific topic.

Learn Quicker

The other advantage of learning guitar from a DVD course is that you will learn playing it faster. Every private lesson instructor has their own individual style of teaching, and they sometimes don’t adhere to a specific learning pattern.

This makes very hard for you to learn the skills in the proper order which more often than not requires you to go back and forth to learn the notes correctly.

Country Guitar Lessons’ DVD course comes with instructions that are in right order. The instructor in the course is experienced enough to know the right pattern in which instructions should be provided especially for a beginner. Following a logical order will help you to learn playing a guitar quite a bit faster.

If you are also one of the music enthusiasts who always wanted to learn how to play guitar but couldn’t because of lack of time or other commitments you still can. Just buy a Country Guitar Lessons DVD course and master the techniques of playing guitar on your own.

Home video course is the best way of becoming a great guitar player, even if you have never played a guitar before.

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