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Who Has Discovered A New Exciting Plaything

Like a young child who has discovered a new exciting plaything, this article about clothing accessories will introduce a whole new world of excitement and wonder for you. It’s true that women love clothes, but there’s a limit to everything. Unless you have a very large budget for clothing, you’re probably looking for ways to make the most of your current wardrobe. European women have mastered the art of making many costumes of one basic suit or dress. We American women would be wise to take a page from their book. Clothing accessories are the name of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the ways clothing accessories can create a larger wardrobe with little additional closet space. Classically simple clothing is most adaptable in this game. The classic lines lend sophistication to your style as well. Let’s take the LBD, that little black dress we all love. This chameleon of garments can sail right through the day’s events with only a change of a belt, scarf, purse and some jewelry. A no-nonsense blazer and a string of pearls gives you a professional look suitable for an office presentation. When you meet your husband for lunch, swap the blazer for that silk scarf he gave you for Christmas. Add a couple of gold bangle bracelets, lose the pearls and you’ve got a whole new look. You’re going to dinner and the theatre? A change of shoes, with a little glitz, a satin handbag and jacket and you’re ready for compliments. You can see how this works. It’s no wonder European women love clothing accessories. With a good selection of accessories, you can appear to have a magnificent wardrobe on a shoestring. A pink linen dress can be casual at a summer lunch, office perfect showing its professional face or a stunner at a wedding. It all depends on your choices in clothing accessories. Costume jewelry is fun and inexpensive and can set the mood of your costume. For example, for our pink linen dress, some bright enameled earrings and necklace in shades complimentary to the dress hue and a white fabric tote bag are perfect for that summer lunch date.

If you think you have learned a lot about this fascinating topic so far remember, we are only halfway through! Scarves are another important clothing accessory. Made of silk, polyester or wool, you’ve got a world of possibilities to change one garment from a city slicker look to a day at the beach. Handbags can present you with an entirely different image in your coordinated costume. Handbags should be coordinated with your shoes for a consistent look. They need not match, but should have the same feel of casual or dressy and be of similar color shades. Gloves are equally versatile as well as practical. Freezing weather requires hand protection. Depending on your costume, they can be fur-lined leather or knitted woolies with a fun pattern. If your budget won’t allow more clothes just now, make the most of what you do have with new clothing accessories. If you need tips about clothing accessories, or do not know how to attack the matter, then there are numerous free resources on the net that can assist you.

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Laser Hair Removal Update

There are now many different types of equipment to perform hair removal the best being genuine Quantum IPL machines.

Permanent hair reduction is performed by using a specific wavelength (colour) of light to destroy the hair follicle and to restrict the hair regrowth.

IPL uses multiple wavelengths of light to target the hair follicle. This means both the hair and skin are treated at the same time.

If the hair removal laser has only one specific wavelength of light this is why there are so many different types of lasers in the world today because each specific laser is built to do a certain type of procedure.

The laser most suitable for hair removal is either the 755 Alexandrite laser or 810 diode laser. These two types of lasers are pretty much equal. The Alexandrite is great for light skin and dark hair, whereas the 810 diode laser is better suited to a slightly darker skin tone.

IPL was generally regarded as one of the better forms of hair removal until knock-off machines became available at ridiculously low prices. These machines are typical of the saying you pay for what you get and the results relate to this.

Though you will get some hair reduction with these knock-off IPL’S , most of the time the hair follicle is only made dormant, rather than destroyed, and the hair tends to regrow after about six months. That is why clinics who use this type of equipment will say that you will need maintenance treatments.

The latest technologies in laser hair removal are the IBL Alexandrite and IBL Diode laser. The reason these lasers are superior to the older types of laser is that the new lasers can change the pulse duration as well as the pulse power. This means a vastly superior hair reduction treatment on more hair types and more skin types.

The Alexandrite is a unique laser that can be customised to treat hair with different degrees of thickness and density. This is achieved through a large range of spot sizes. Another advantage of the Alexandrite lasers is that they are fast. With professional use, they can remove male chest hair in about less than 40 minutes.

Due to the specialised nature of laser equipment, professional laser hair removal clinics are required to be licensed with state health authorities. The strict regulations that clinics must adhere to and number of licenses that must be obtained means that there are very few genuine specialised clinics in the community.

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