Earlier learning to play the guitar meant taking expensive private lessons once or twice a week or teaching yourself the harder way by reading a guitar book. However, today the things have changed for the good, and it has now become quite easy to learn how to play guitar.

Of course, there are still many private teachers and guitar books around that will help you learn how to play guitar, but nothing comes close to learning guitar from watching instructional videos on a DVD.

The advantages of learning guitar by watching a DVD are many. It is cost effective, you don’t have to adhere to a schedule every week, and honestly you will learn even faster.

Cost Effective

Typical guitar instructor charges approximately $30 per lesson. Most of the pupils will take on average a lesson each week of a year. The total cost comes to $1560 per year.

That is too much when you compare it with the price of DVD course. A good a DVD course for learning guitar will just cost you about $200. The course will provide a beginner enough lessons for a year or two with access to online support.

Though the upfront cost of DVD course may seem more, if you compare it with yearly cost of private lessons, you will instantly realize that private lessons cost at least seven times more.


Time is another factor that you have to consider when taking private lessons for learning guitar. If you have plenty of time and don’t have to work a job, or go shopping for groceries, or watch the kids, then going for a private session once a week is not a big deal for you.

However, if you have to fulfill certain responsibilities like taking care of your family or work then it could be quite difficult for you to stick to the schedule, and you may end up missing few lessons here and there.

When you choose to learn guitar by purchasing Country Guitar Lessons on DVD you don’t really have to follow a time schedule. You can learn at your own convenience, and whenever you have the time.

The best thing is you can easily refer to any of the lessons if you forget a specific topic.

Learn Quicker

The other advantage of learning guitar from a DVD course is that you will learn playing it faster. Every private lesson instructor has their own individual style of teaching, and they sometimes don’t adhere to a specific learning pattern.

This makes very hard for you to learn the skills in the proper order which more often than not requires you to go back and forth to learn the notes correctly.

Country Guitar Lessons’ DVD course comes with instructions that are in right order. The instructor in the course is experienced enough to know the right pattern in which instructions should be provided especially for a beginner. Following a logical order will help you to learn playing a guitar quite a bit faster.

If you are also one of the music enthusiasts who always wanted to learn how to play guitar but couldn’t because of lack of time or other commitments you still can. Just buy a Country Guitar Lessons DVD course and master the techniques of playing guitar on your own.

Home video course is the best way of becoming a great guitar player, even if you have never played a guitar before.