OK, most of us selling products or information deliver via digital download. What about the other 75% that back away from the order page because they want something they can hold in their hand.

SO you think 75% is an overinflated estimate. think about the other 90% of internet shoppers or prospects that are not into IM or even know what it means. Downloads are foreign to them, unzipping, looking for the right program to read something and then having to print it out so they can enjoy it.

Independent studies have shown that in the IM niche alone, sales could increase as much as 25% by offering an alternate delivery method, whether it is in the form of a CD, DVD or printed soft cover or hardcover book. Having that and holding it in your hands ads instant value to the product.

There are still many surfers out there on dial up. Sell them a 600 meg downloadable video course and see how many are willing to take the risk of downloading that for 18 hours without losing their connection.

For those prospects outside the IM niche, sales can increase up to 65% because they can relate with a book coming hteir way via snail mail. Yes it is hard to believe in this day and age of high speed connectivity that someone will actually wait for something to be mailed to them for the sheer pleasure of holding it in their hands and readint it, (beliee it or not) AWAY from their computer.

IMers tend to live in front of their computers. The other 90% have a life . . . lol

SO think about offering an alternative method of delivery. There are some great dropshippers with no minimums which means you can sell one book and they will print one book and ship it directly to your customer. Imagine that. Checkout www.lulu.com and start printing your ebooks for as little as $6+

Here is a great automation script that will let you sell CDs or DVDs of anything you want (as long as you have rights to sell it). It’s called Disc Buddy Delivery System – www.thediscbuddy.com

It integrates into your website and automatically sends the order to Kunaki when the customer pays and drops the money directly into your Paypal, 2 Checkout or Google Checkout account.

As long as you have a positive balance with Kunaki,. they will produce, package and ship to your customer’s door generally within 24 hours.