Greensboro Interior Decorating ideas for your foyer. The foyer is the room that greets you as soon as you step through the front entrance. This is the first space and often times the single space guests see of your home, yet often foyers or entryways are neglected. This strikes me as odd. Somehow, I always think of the foyer as one of the most significant rooms in the home. The foyer is typically where first impressions are made.

Some say their foyer is so small, why bother with decorating it at all? I have had others explain that their foyer is so grand that it feels cold and uninviting, no matter what they do to it. Whatever the size of your foyer, you can make the most of it! There is no reason on the planet, why your foyer should not be stylish. The tiniest of foyers might be made to feel grand. Likewise, the grandest of foyers can be interior decorated with a sophisticated coziness.

Follow your heart! You can be as adventurous with pattern and color as you desire in this room. You can get away with it in the foyer, because remember you are only in this room for brief periods of time. You’ll want the room to have impact and make a statement. Of course, keeping in mind the spaces your entry foyer may be connected with. This when all said and done, is the space where your guest will get a preview of the rooms to come. The goal is to build a continuous flow, room to room, each space complimenting the other.

Where do I start? What about the walls? What sort of furniture may I use in decorating the entry foyer in my Greensboro home? How should I accessorize my foyer?

Wall color may never be chosen strictly according to the most recent trends or home fashions. Instead, choose colors that suit the character of your home. You can select a decorative color that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Choose a color that’ll give you a lift when you come through the door after a long day.

Textured, glazed or marbleizing walls are a fantastic choice. It’s virtually impossible to see dirty marks or fingerprints. Give your walls a form of strie’ effect of three or four different shades by glazing any darker color by using a lighter one. Pastel or softer colors look better in flat paint. Chocolate brown or very dark colors, I think look better with a little shine to them. The satin or semi finish will keep them from looking dreary by reflecting light around the room. Painting is the most cost efficient method to give your room lots of impact.

You may wish to select a striking wallpaper pattern in keeping with the color design of the rest of the home. Stripes are great for adding volume and height.

If you choose wallpaper with lots of pattern, you’ll have very little need for an interior designing of pictures or artwork. When choosing wallpaper, don’t assume that a tiny foyer can be papered with an equally small printed design. Some of the prettiest foyers I’ve been in, were small ones, where the paper chosen was large scale and very bold. The effect was outstanding!

The entry is the perfect spot for tromp l’oeil. Possibly a mural of a Grecian urn or a large topiary. Living in Greensboro I have lots of resources for getting this done.

If your foyer lacks architectural interest, secure an oversized decorative wall shelf or square bracket on the wall directly facing you as you walk through the door. I love to place them in the room at least five feet high or higher counting on ceiling height. This is a fantastic place to display an elegant antique vase or urn. In a less formal setting you may want to display an easy pot of trailing ivy to add softness. This is also a fantastic idea because it keeps your floor space free of clutter.

In a small foyer maximize the light and make a tight area feel less cramped by using a floor to ceiling mirror. Your foyer may be a small space with only a coat closet and no place to hang a mirror. So why not mirror the closet door! This will make your space appear larger. Depending on how your closet door is positioned, it may double a gorgeous view of the outdoors.

Sometimes foyers could be devoid of natural light. You guessed it! Add a mirror! It’s like having a window where there isn’t one. Thus, catching every trace of light, bringing the space to life!

In any foyer there’s nothing more beautiful than using a fine gilt framed mirror.

Change out your old lighting fixture and replace it with a fresh chandelier. This will improve the rooms’ light and add charm.

Give attention to hardware in the room. The switch plate cover for instance should be attractive. This gives a sense of quality. Especially in the foyer. If you can’t afford to replace your switch plate cover that is okay, just make
sure that it blends in. If the walls are painted, paint it to match. If they’re papered, well you get the concept.

If you are utilizing a pricey rug in your entry. Do what most Greensboro interior decorators do including myself. Protect it with a small washable throw rug. Covering the spot most traveled on a daily basis. Then for special occasions stow the throw rug in the closet. Meanwhile, the
better rug will stay clean. No space for a rug? Paint an interesting design off. There are a broad variety of stencils you can use if you don’t look upon yourself an artist. Be sure to use a sealer topcoat to make sure
your painted design holds up to heavy traffic and will clean up easily.

A plant stand made of wood; wicker or iron with a luscious green fern is a gracious look.

Why not interior decorate the foyer as a small art gallery? Designate an entry hall area or wall where you can hang paintings or pictures that’re special. Hang a group of fine prints all framed the same. The prints will stand out more,
if the color of the frames contrast with the wall color.

A small chair may be all you need in your foyer, providing a place for a visitor to rest. It also serves as a temporary place for packages or anything you have to put down as you come through the door.

A narrow console table may be just the ticket.

A towering case clock is always great in a foyer.

Garden Statuary isn’t just for the garden. Bring it indoors! Be greeted by a life size statue. Depending on your budget you could select from concrete, resin, marble or bronze. Use an oversized urn by using a sprawling palm tree.

A 19th century Victorian Hall Tree in the correct home could be beautiful and functional. An antique store would create a good business place to look for a piece along these lines or better yet an auction or estate sale.

Use a pair of corbels topped with marble or a pair of iron supports topped with glass for a decorative shelf to hold a vase of flowers, keys and mail.

Hang a decorative tapestry on an iron rod and place a garden bench beneath. The tapestry will add softness and texture. The bench will not only be esthetically pleasing but functional as well, serving as a location for removing shoes or simply a resting place.

If you have the ample room in your foyer, using a chest or commode is an excellent choice. The surface the chest provides you with enough area to display your favorite lamp or a pair of candlestick lamps. You may in addition want to
accessorize with a tiny collection of boxes or any other collection. I love the interior decorating idea of all the extra storage space you gain by having a chest.

I would also suggest a pair of occasional chairs to flank the chest of drawers.

I love to group, silver candlesticks on foyer a table.

A large crystal compote placed on any foyer furniture piece looks fascinating. In the Spring, fill it with fresh flowers…Summertime it might be full of loads of seashells…Fall, potpourri with your favorite scent…Christmas, fill it with beautiful sparkling ornaments and in between seasons doing so will only look dazzling all by itself.

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