Affiliate marketers, there are various ways to make $100. You can sell 100 items with a $1 profit on each sale. Or you can sell 2 products, each paying you $50 of profit. Another way would be to sell 5 products that each pay $20 of profit. Or 4 at $25 each, etc. And I am sure you get the point here… which is that high-paying affiliate commissions are mighty attractive.

So let me point you quickly to one of the easiest, most accessible ways (there are others – read on…) to find hot markets that PAY WELL.

We will be using the “Earned Per Sale” data from ClickBank. If you don’t care what you’re promoting as long as it’s profitable, then this will interest you.

Side comment: Obviously, if you have a site about motor racing, you will not be trying to promote a system that claims to beat the odds at the casino. Right? Your site has to be relevant to the product.


Step 1.

Go to and then navigate to their Marketplace.

In the search panel at the top, there are only 2 fields that we want to change away from their default settings. One is the Category – it won’t work if you don’t. And also the “Sort By” field. For that, select “$ Earned/Sale”.

Here’s what I just found:

In the Business to Business category, the top payer will earn me $100.00 per sale.

In Health & Fitness, the highest paying items pays $99.99 every time.

In Home & Family, the payout is $80.61

In Computing & Internet, it’ $97.35

In Money & Employment, it’s $100.00

In Marketing & Ads, it’s $100.00

In Fun & Entertainment, it’s $100 per sale.

In Sports & Recreation, the payout is $100 for every sale I generate.

In Society & Culture, it’s $91.57

Now, all that remains is to see how popular these top high-paying products are.

Step 2.

We will now do another quick search of the ClickBank Marketplace, but this time we will be setting “Sort By” to Popularity. If the same products that came up near the top of your first search also come near the top of your second search, bingo. You have found a hot product that is selling well and pays well. In fact, you’ve got a handful of them.

SUMMARY: How do you find hot markets that pay well? Search the Marketplace at, paying attention to the “Earned Per Sale” information as well as Popularity.

I wish you hot markets and growing profits.

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